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Delta Munchies Delta-8

Looking for a delta 8 Brand that are taking the market by storm? for sale? Look no further. 

The Award Winning Delta Munchies Gummies are the new heat in the Delta-8 world.. you know you've been drooling over their amazing peach rings and sleek disposables.

We have a specially curated list of their most amazing products, ( hard to choose...really they are all amazing) to offer to you our loyal Apes!

Taking the tastiest gummy flavors, to the smoothest vapes in their collection we have created  some amazing bundles so you can try their product, and not break the bank.

More About the Brand:

According to Delta Munchies their goal is to deliver the highest quality hemp-derived delta 8 available.  They take advantage of the most modern and up-to-date extraction techniques in the world to formulate all of their products, to bring you the cleanest and purest delta 8 on the market. 

Delta Munchies is a cumulative number of award-winning brands that have been cultivating cannabis for over 15 years. With the industry’s increase in popularity, legality, and technology, these brands have been able to pivot into concentrates and luckily fell into the extraordinary world of delta-8. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, our free-thinking vision has long been to merge the rebellious, uplifted, and free-spirited vitality of the cannabis culture into a fun, accessible, and friendly approach for all audiences. Delta Munchies was created to see this vision come to fruition, with zero compromises in quality, integrity, and creativity.

As a brand, Delta Munchies seeks to educate and inform consumers about the quality and safety protocols that are met along with proper practices that sometimes aren’t apparent in the industry. Their delta-8 is derived from 100% American hemp. By using third-party full panel DEA-certified lab tests, they ensure their audience enjoys the cleanest and most potent delta-8 on the market. They do this modestly and respectfully but with a firm belief that quality and safety are the most critical responsibilities for a healthy brand. Putting these values into play pushes them to achieve their best. 

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